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Hi! I'm a newbie here in Odesk.. I just want to ask.. I got this job with a 10 hour weekly limit, using my time tracker, It popped out that I already used the 10 hours.. However, upon checking it in "MY JOBS" tab on Odesk, it is only 9 hours and 20 minutes.. can someone please explain to me why does the two doesn't match? thanks!

I can't technically answer your question but I have two observations as this has happened to me several times: 1. After a half hour or so, the issue resolves itself. Sometimes time tracker is right immediately, and sometimes it seems to resolve itself. 2. If I recall, I contacted customer support on a similar issue about a year ago, and it had something to do with the system's counting of minutes compared to the way I counted. I think there's room for enormous improvement on the time tracker as I've used other systems where the results are more transparent. Thanks for posting as I look forward to more informed responses than mine!

I don't know why, but the Work Diary seems to work better in Chrome than in other browsers.

No all the screens sync at the same time. The work diary is the only accurate, up to date accounting of time worked. Remember that oDesk uses UTC as the 'day', not your local time. Believe the time tracker when it tells you that you worked 10 hours.

If you were looking at "Reports" "Time Sheet in Progress" if you click your contract name it will generally show in the Work Diary the correct hours. I think the Time Sheet itself takes up to 30 minutes or more to update, whereas the Work Diary will have the last screen shot uploaded and the correct time. I had this issue and it is how often Odesk updates. There was another thread on this somewhere explaining. You can also look at your local time vs UTC in the work diary. I was confused when I first started with UTC time as it would show sometimes I had worked x amount of hours in a day I had not worked yet, but it was from the day before. You can look at your hours in UTC or your Local time in the work diary.

hi am also new to odesk ... am on my 2nd job though but employer / agency complains just seeing 0 hours from me ... how do i turn this time tracker "on?" pls help ... i already lost more than 10 hours of pay bec of this : (

Hi Ana

Here is a good support article on how to use Time tracker: 

How do I track my working time with the oDesk Team App?


If you want to add those 10 hours to the work sheet that you have lost, please read this Article: 

How do I manually add time to my Work Diary?


Please note that adding time manually is often considered as a suspicious activity by both odesk and clients. Also they are not covered by odesk guarantee so avoid using this feature and always discuss with your client about why you have to add these.


If you are facing any technical issue where you still can not start the time tracker, I suggest opening a support ticket for this. 

Ana Liza:

Sorry to hear that you worked for 10 hours without logging into oDesk Team application.


When the client/agency told you they saw 0 hours, they weren't complaining, they were trying to help you out. (Maybe they were complaining too, I don't know.) But they're right.


If you're working an hourly contract, your pay is based on the hours you log using Team application. You're not paid based on what you tell the client you worked via email.


So they have every right to not pay you for those 10 hours at all. This wasn't their mistake.


If they're nice and they like the work you did for them, you can message them and thank them for pointing out your mistake in using the Team App, and you can nicely ask them if they can allow you to submit manual hours for the time you worked but didn't track using the application.

Okay... so I'll share a totally true story of what happened to me yesterday, because it relates directly to what Ana experienced with the time tracker "Team" app.


Maybe this will make Ana feel better, because she's not the only one who did something like this when she was starting out on oDesk.


I hired a few people to do some basic design work, including one young woman who was a complete oDesk newbie. Because... I figure why not be nice and give a newbie a chance.


So she starts working while I'm online (fortunately) and submits some early ideas to me via oDesk message, and I notice there's no time tracked at all for her. So I explain the whole Team application/time tracker concept to her, tell her to download the application (which she had never done).


She thanks me for the tip and continues working, and I notice there is still no time being tracked, so I contact her again and explain the part about actually logging into the Team app, and then choosing the contract, and hitting a button to start tracking time and capturing screen shots.


All a complete surprise to her. But finally she gets logged in and logs ten minutes of time before finishing the project.


Rather than try to send her insructions on logging manual time (which is not a good habit if its for something which obviously should be done on a computer), I just sent her money via bonus to cover the time lost.


Anying, not naming her or anything, but she was gracious and would not mind if I shared the story.


Love the newbies. Glad I'm not one of them. But it hasn't been so long that I can't remember my first hourly contract, and I'm pretty sure when I signed up for oDesk there was an explanation about how to get paid for hourly work.