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TO all freelancers. Seeking for help to get paid

Hi all, 

Can anyone help me how I get paid. 

This was my first time and my client sent me money today and I saw that in order to get paid, I need to exchange the balance and press 'get paid now' in the setting area. But I still see that my balance is $0.00. How can I get paid? Can anyone help me? 

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I hardly think you have been hired at all, since your hourly rate is too high, your profile says nothing about your skills, and you did not even upload a picture of yourself.


Do you have an active contract, hourly or with a funded milestone? Do you know what these are? Have you read Upwork's rules, or did you jump headfirst into job search?


Hi Youngseo,


Thank you for your message. I see that you are referring to the Fixed Price contract that you accepted today. All payments approved on a Fixed Price contract need to complete a 5 days security period before they are available on your Upwork account. You can refer to the Report page to check the status of your earnings. Feel free to message us if you have further questions.


Thank you,


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