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i was hired yesterday by. a guy named **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  We discussed the job and my role was to supervise his team in pakistan as he said he is getting his application done by developers. and I will be responsible for the accounts / finances and i will pay them the money which he will send me via upwork. everyweek. giving me weekly comission. 

The next moment i receieved a bonus payment of $1150(which stays in security period for 5 days) from which he asked me to send it to his developers account which was a local pakistani account and i was suppose to take 250$ comiision on each payment. So inshort he wanted me to send money to the given acount from my pocket. i smelled something fishy and i told him that i will only send the money when i recieve it in my UPWORK account after security period. but he insisted that i send the money right now and telling me that i am a man of my work.

On which he got furious and said that i will request a refund and that you dont trust me and all that. He then sent me a refund request. and ask me to aprove it. Once you do that it will be refunded it to him from YOUR UPWORK balance. and this does not undergo any seurity period and he can easily take it away.

This i think is a pure scam. He is using profile pictures of an american actor on upwork and whatsapp.  He has a verified account with 4000$ spent showing on his profile. These people should be taught a lesson. Everything seemed too goog to be true thats why i was extra vigilant,


**Edited for Community Guidelines**

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Thanks for sharing this...but this is just the same old scam with a different and new backstory and this story is more believable, as this story has a professional logic and reason behind earlier it was all for personal reasons like Buying PUBG coins, sending money to a friend who is in desperate need of money or crypto and so on..



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