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TOP RATED PLUS - Not getting interviews

This is the first time in years that I do not get an interview, nor a job in a month. The connect system is outrageous. I am expending 3/5 USD per day to apply and most of the architectural jobs do not even get awarded to anyone.
I believe that after some weeks, if the job is not awarded and the client is not moving forward, we should get our connects back. Specially if we are Top Rated Plus. 

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The biggest problem on Upwork is the plethora of unskilled freelancers throwing connects at jobs. The last thing we need is more connects clogging the system. It would be problematic, not to mention unfair, to have a certain group have their connects returned. Connects are a business expense.

Did you think Upwork didn't function as well before the boosting system? Curious! I'm debating its value. 

I don't think boosting changed the functioning of the platform. I think it increases the number of useless garbage proposals from unskilled freelancers who are scamming or desperate for a job. The admittedly fairly small group of clients I have spoken with hate boosting. They have received so many unreadable proposals up at the top, they don't trust the system. It has clogged the proposals and made it even more difficult for clients to wade through garbage proposals. I think it makes Upwork money, and they are short-sighted in a grab for cash.

Personally, I do not boost, and I'm not playing the game.

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Connects are not a business expense!!


Nowhere in the world apart from freelancers does ANYONE use their own money to apply for a job. Well, okay there are but those tend to be third-world countries that smuggle people and pay moiddlemen for a job.

So, please let's get away from this idea that connects are a business expense, it's a monetising method Upwork is using to take dvantage of unhired contracts so they make more money. A business expense is the 20%, 10% and 5% fees we pay.

I can't wait for the hoards fo Gen Z freelancers to take a look and say no thanks, I don't need to pay to apply for a job.


ps, don't let Upwork hear you calling them unskilled workers, they are "cash" to Upwork, every new freelancer is now using "cash" to apply for the possibility of a job.

 "it's a monetising method Upwork is using to take dvantage of unhired contracts so they make more money. A business expense is the 20%, 10% and 5% fees we pay."


 These statements can be true while still be a business expense.


You spend money when applying for a job, whether freelance or an as employee. If you apply for a job in the physical world, you have transportation fees. You may be called in for multiple interviews and not be hired. You might need a nice pair of shoes or other trappings of business attire or specialty items for specific jobs. Furthermore, you have to factor in many items if you are self-employed. Except for a rare occasion where someone hires you on the spot with no previous contact, there are always business expenses.

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I agree that Top Rated Plus should be considered in this new boosting system. It would be an advantage to reach Top Rated Plus and either receive more connects from Upwork or automatically be boosted based on value and experience. 

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What about disguised clients? They post a job and never go ahead with the hiring process. I have been expending loads of connects in clients that for one reason or another do not hire anyone. 


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