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TVA/VAT on client invoice


I'm new to Upwork, working as a freelance translator with a "travailleur indépendant" status. 

I received my first invoice issued by Upwork featuring the name and French VAT number of my client who is based in France, with the "VAT Reverse Charged" label and no VAT charging.

As I 'm not an "Auto-entrepreneur" and I normally charge VAT to my France-based clients, I wonder if this invoice without any VAT complies with the tax regulation requiring that France-based clients should be charged VAT by their France-based suppliers.

Any advice from freelancers in the same situation welcome!



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Eric,


If you entered a VAT number, Upwork will not charge this tax but will print “VAT Reverse Charged” on the invoice you receive from Upwork. The “VAT Reverse Charged” stamp will appear on a client's invoice in case they provide their VAT number in their account, regardless of the freelancer's location. 


You can find more information here. You can contact your local accountant of tax advisor if you have any additional questions.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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