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Take Badge of Rising Talent - problem with future job finding

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Vesna P Member Since: May 3, 2017
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Hello Upwork,
My name is Vesna, teacher from Serbia with earlier working experience in the field of Economics - Trade. My start at Up Work was April, 2017. I have worked hard, used my free time to improve my profile - learn many new things to be a good competition for Freelancers on Up Work. I get my Rising Talent badge. Today, after my contact to UpWork service, I found out that my badge was taken because one of the Client gave me low feedback. My feedbacks for 3 jobs were 5 stars. I was very emotional about that answer. If that rule of platform is to take a badge from someone whom has a lower private marks then public one, it is something witch has very strong relation with Business Ethics. If "you" gave someone 5 best marks, than you leave a wonderful written feedback, not only numerical one, then you gave a private low marks, we are talking about what??? Every relationship has some barriers, some of them are product of different culture, practise, native language... Up Work decide to take a badge because private mark is important?? I would ask my self, am I open minded enough and honest with my self and with public /freelancers, clients to write public one thruth, private something different??? Whom I would trust, my private or my public opinion??? I would consider to be honest, and to share only one opinion. I am speechless. Is there a business ethics in this involving different opinions of one and the same person on same subject, at the same time? I am sorry because I wrote just a small comment about this problem, not only mine I think. Thank you for your time and patience. I am writing this, because I care about this platform and my future plans. Best regards, Vesna

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Sorry to hear you lost your Rising Talent badge, Vesna. There can be a few reasons for that. Please, note that outcomes of all of your contracts and both public and private feedback count when evaluating your eligibility for the program. Please, make sure you are absolutely sure you are able to complete the job before accepting the offer and deliver great work according to terms you discuss with the client.

~ Valeria
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Vesna P Member Since: May 3, 2017
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Dear Valeria,

Thank You for your writing.

I have three job, all of it finished on time.

I do not now whom of them gave me that mark - private one. I know that it is not correct if you are not satisfied, and I always ask in real and here in the virtual world, is everythnig OK. Why do you have need to do such no correct moves. I have communication with clients in my message box. I have one misunderstanding at first job, i had a Up Work message to stop the job, it was stoped for a short period, I told client that I need stop because I need permition from Up Work. I have experience as a Head of supply for six years, I have worked with many people, I know that this politics is far for good practise and ethics.


My regards,

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Valentina D Member Since: Aug 27, 2016
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Hi Vesna,

I have also lost my rising talent badge abruptly last December, albeit for a different reason, and I know exactly how you must feel. However, you are just one contract away from your JSS, which will most certainly be around 90%. Just try to stay away from these $5 clients who won't appreciate anyone's work by default. 

Head up - you'll be great 😉 

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Vesna P Member Since: May 3, 2017
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Dear Valentina,

Thank You for your wonderful words of support.

I am sorry about my English, I was so excited while I was writting this words.

I saw your Profile, You are realy great and shiny person without badge of Rising Talent :).

Your score is great.


I have problem how to be competetive without this badge, very often it is the condition for Client.

I have made mistake, becouse I had jobs with fixed price, and no hours visable to the Client...



Thank You once more.