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Talent Specialist Invites Me to Scam Job

Is it typical that a Talent Specialist would invite me to a scam job? I could tell it was a scam posting just by reading the description. It seemed fishy so I took screen shots of the invite and the job posting then saved the job and sure enough it was removed a few days later.

Do client have to pay to use Talent Specialists? I thought they did but I don't know.  Also there is a flood of scam job postings lately, like 4-5 out of 20 jobs but really nothing I can flag for, you just "know" after seeing a bunch of them what their typical verbage is.


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re: "Is it typical that a Talent Specialist would invite me to a scam job?"


It is not Upwork's intention that such a thing happen.


Based on what I have read on the Forum, there are freelancers who are very pleased with the quality of work done by the Talent Specialists they have interacted with. And there are many freelancers whose experience with Talent Specialists... well, let's just say their experience isn't in the same category.

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Julie, I'm not entirely sure how it works but my working hypothesis at the moment is that the people working in highly specialized fields might be better off with the Talent Specialists (the same thing as with clients).


I've been pretty happy with the matches the past almost 2 years now. Really good work. They brought me an enterprise client too.


Earlier, I do remember suffering from invitations that were in the broadest possible category at best... and declining the invitation with a note "Talent Specialist doesn't have enough Upwork experience" ... nasty me. Smiley Frustrated


But those days are gone in my case at least.

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