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Re: Talent Specialst asking for free samples

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Sebastian Z Member Since: Sep 17, 2017
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Hello there everyone, I've run into an issue and I'd like to hear your opinion (especially from moderators)

I received an invite from a talent specialist to apply to a job. Which I did, asking all of their questions. Except for their request of samples. Which I politely responded by attaching samples of my work, plus directing them to my UW portfolio.


I then received a response from another talent specialist who said would take over, who proceeded to more or less repeat the job post to me even though I had answered each of their questions in turn. And close up with a single message stating:

"I would appreciate if you could provide some sample design of what would you create for Client"


Since I didn't get any acknowledgement regarding the samples I had sent or my portfolio. I interpreted this as a direct request for an original free sample. To which I replied again, with portfolio samples. And stated that I'd have no problem doing a paid test so they could review my work.


What do you think? Did I misinterpret this? Or is this talent specialist asking for free samples per client request?  This client is not new to upwork either as they have quite an amount of jobs posted under their belt.


I'd appreciate your opinions. Thanks in advance.

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Report them to CS so they can be sent for re-education. 🙄


Upwork, these Talent Specialists are the worst. Train the poor people on how to do the job or get rid of the service. 

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Melanie H Member Since: Nov 2, 2017
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TLDR: This "TS" is either very carefully or very vacantly NOT mentioning the F word ("free") - I'll bet his job won't get taken down. It's up to you whether or not to report it anyway. You can. I wouldn't bother, I've encountered this before and when it wasn't explicitly stated as a request for UNPAID work, the job stayed up. Just my experience.
I would respond ONCE more and once only. (This is just me, mind you.) I'd say, "Hi! Thanks for contacting me. Here are the samples I had sent previously to [whatever other name the TS is giving you]. I did this work for clients in [month/year]. This is the type of work I'd be doing for your client. If you feel I'm a good fit for this project, please go ahead and send me a project invitation. I'm available to begin working [whenever you're available to begin working]. Regards, [You]."

I would not answer any more requests for "samples" from this TS, period. You've already sent these twice. Enough is enough. At that point you have to assume this TS team (?) is either entirely disorganized and will probably be a gigantic problem to work with, or they are indeed just trying to tiptoe around The F Word (you know..."free"), without crossing that line to be reportable.

You could, at that point, flag the job, but I really don't think the job will be taken down. They just haven't crossed that line. But who knows.

Let us know how it turns out.

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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Sebastian, you did the absolutely RIGHT thing.  The so-called Talent Specialists are, by general consensus, the most poorly trained, inefficient, and inept people to work for Upwork.