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Tax Question

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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obligatory "see tax professional." Smiley Happy


You're supposed to make estimated tax payments and if you don't pay a certain percent of your taxes by October (I think?) then supposedly they penalize you. I don't know what that is. I use Turbo Tax and last year I couldn't make tax payments cuz I was struggling to make it. I have no idea if they penalized me. lol


I don't pay state tax, so this plays a huge role in my tax relief, but remember that as a self employed freelancer working from home, you can write off so so soooooo much. I own my home, and I've heard that also makes a difference. I don't know. I use Turbo Tax and they basically walk you through. I write off pretty much everything because I can.


I've found that I need to make a list of everything I can write off or I usually forget to do it. Like my $2k Google Glass. I paid someone $2k to send me a design for something and totally forgot to write it off one year. Poop. So make a list of everything in maybe a file and then go back and add it up during tax time.


Also, remember that most of us don't make enough to be on their radar. Turbo Tax always says I'm at a low risk for an audit, so I dunno but an accountant once told me that they go after the big fish first and the ones who don't file at all and I'm a small fry so I'm not who they want to pwn.


It's also not the 1980s anymore where all the horror stories came from.


ETA: Yeah, Upwork's percent that they take is a tax writeoff.