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Taxes and location: Attending a summer language course for business


According to the university's international department, international students are allowed to work in Russia during their stay. They sent me this link: https://www.hse.ru/en/ma/pd/news/337948633.html

What about taxes? Since my stay will be temporary, they said my earnings wouldn't be subject to taxes as long as I don't prolong my stay in Russia and issue an application to obtain a work permit/more extended student visa.

As far I understood, I will have to update my location once I leave the country, even if it is only for a short period. But I forgot to ask about taxes last time.

Thank you.


Hello Vincente, 


Thank you for contacting us. We won't be able to advise you regarding your taxes as laws vary greatly from country to country. You may want to discuss that with a legal adviser or accountant or check the government website on your country's tax laws applicable to you. 


If you are traveling and are away from your country of residence temporarily, you don’t need to update your location. If it does raise any flags on our end, the team will reach out to you directly.  If however, you are going to be away for an extended period, such as moving someplace, then you should make updates to your account location.


Thank you.

Pradeep H.

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