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Taxes while being abroad - Israel to Germany


I wanted to ask if anyone here had a problem close to what I have.


I am Israeli, and my Upwork account is Israel - I get paid to an Israeli bank account.

Alas, in the last half year or so, I am living in Germany. 


1. From what amount of many I am getting monthly do I need to pay taxes?

2. Do I pay taxes to Israel or to Germany?

3. Does Upwork have something built in for tax payments, or will I have to manage that on my own?


Thanks in advance to whomever will be able to help.


Kind regards,



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If you live in Germany now, you need to set your profile to Germany as it needs to reflect where you are, not the country you are a citizen of.


As far as taxes are concerned, that is something that depends on your status and how long you are in Germany, and something you must discuss with a tax consultat (Steuerberater).

Upwork don't get involved with your taxes at all.

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