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Team App CPU

Yesterday (June 11, 2016) Upwork pushed an update to Team App.  Ever since then the CPU use for the app has increased.


I now see three Upwork.exe processes each constantly churning 5% of CPU when the app is completely idle in my sys tray.  You may say it's not a lot but a constant burn 15-20% CPU can eat away at your battery life when you're mobile. More importantly, the app should be using next to 0 cycles when it's just idle in the tray.  


I opened a ticket and they instructed me to try the Beta version because I can't roll back (installing an old version would automatically be updated).  I installed the Beta and have the same results.


Anyone else experiencing higher than normal CPU use for the Upwork Team App since the recent update?  I don't want to use the app but have a client that won't allow me to enter time manually.


Windows 8.1

Team App (Beta) Version 4.1.314.0 (FE1623/IA)