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Team App Improvement Suggestions

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Velibor C Member Since: Nov 2, 2015
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We could write here ideas about improvement for the Team App tracking tool.

I will post the first suggestion:


Tracking time always visible

The application looks nice, but there is no option for time display to stay visible after minimize to tray. Please see Elance tracking app. There is option to stay on top in small size where is displayed only tracked time. On that way, we can easy observe tracked time without need to always click in tray icon to maximize window and after that minimize it again. The 2nd solution is to transform active green icon to nice green time display in the tray bar. That could be an option also.


Robot Happy

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Chris H Member Since: Aug 9, 2015
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For the Mac version, I would like to see a standard "Click" of the menu bar icon to access its context menu. "Control+Click" is not a mac standard.


Also, please consider delivering the app's notifications to Mac OS's Notification Center.


Notification Center is an excellent tool giving users control over how notifications appear, function, and disappear.


To make a small example, if a user looks away from the screen for just a moment, and in that time, receives a notification from the Team App, it has been missed completely. Alternatively, if the notification is delivered to Mac's Notification Center, it remains in the slide-out panel and can be viewed later. 


Notifications can be set as "Alerts" so that they do not disappear but only so by command, ensuring the user sees it. Very powerful when you consider time-tracking, invovling billed hours and a client's money.


Another common practice is that app updates are delivered via Notification Center. Firefox is now doing this, among many others. No need to send emails or have the old-school popup dialog that says it's time to update - a sure way to annoy people in the middle of their work.


Notification Center is a wonderful service, full of functionality, and quickly becoming a Mac standard to be utilized by app developers, so please don't bury this powerful feature.


Thanks for considering!


Community Manager
Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Ivo, the Team App Project Manager, has posted a thread in the announcement area looking for feedback and suggestions on the app.