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Team Application / Time Tracker which does not require installation on computer

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Neha J Member Since: Dec 14, 2010
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I think there oDesk should develop Time Tracking / Team application which is inbuilt in website / profile, and does not require to be installed on the computer physically. Instead it starts in website itself or have option to start. The software can be just like which is online computer access software as against Team viewer software which is right now like oDesk app which is required to be installed for using. I would highly appreciate if I can get feature like that on oDesk . Guys your comments are welcome. Please comment as much as possible in support of my suggestion.
Community Guru
Gillian Michele N Member Since: Mar 15, 2012
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Maybe you should try posting it to the feedback forum.
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Neha J Member Since: Dec 14, 2010
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Thanks. I have now shifted to Feedback. Please vote in case you like my suggestion.