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Team tracking in the beginning conversation of a job?

Recently, I was hired by a client and we were talking on Skype for about an hour. I had my oDesk Team time tacking on for the conversation and it billed the client. But now the client is asking me as to why he had been billed as there was no real work had been done.


I want to learn the scenario of other freelancer. Do you bill the client for talking/conversation in beginning of a job?


I bill for meeting times. It is time I have to spend with the client when I can be doing something else. My clients have never objected. Once in awhile I have conversation I don't bill for but generally that is short conversations.

Suzanne, I'm like you. If it's likely to be a lengthy discussion, I will bill the client, but I also let the client know beforehand that I'm doing so.

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