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Teams, Zoom, Skype calls

Can you use any of these 3 types of communication  Teams, Zoom, Skype calls before and after a fix-priced contract?

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I think it's only after a contract is in place


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You can only communicate with a potential client before an official Upwork contract is in place through Upwork messages or its Zoom feature.  There are no exceptions that allow you to communicate by any other means.  


If you disregard this, or a client insists that you communicate pre-contract by any other means, you violate Upwork's terms of service non-circumvention clause and risk having your account banned.


All payments must be made through Upwork. 


Scammers prey on new freelancers and want you to communicate off Upwork's platform and insist on paying you outside of Upwork. Flag any client who insists on alternate communication or payment methods and move on.


Click on the Academy link at the top of this page, and read the terms of service to learn how to work safely and successfully on Upwork.


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