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Teamviewer Use Daily

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Adam K Member Since: Jan 17, 2018
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Hi Forum!


For family reasons, unfortunately, I have to travel daily around  2-3hours from now on, but I still have around 6-7 projects on-going what I have to work on. (I do not want to cancel my clients as I'm a Top Rated freelancer with 100%JSS, so this would be the last option what I would do)


At home I have a main PC where I always work and have all the files and that PC is capable of my daily works (No freeze and no issues). I was wondering how I can still work while I'm traveling and I found out that on UpWork people can use the software called TeamViewer? (Basically can control my other PC)


What I was thinking that I can't take my PC with me daily, so I would bring my budget laptop with me and connect to my PC at home and work via TeamViewer.


I would like to ask a Guru or a TeamViewer user who already worked like this, that is it allowed and also did you experience any Freezings?  (I guess it depends on my internet speed too) If it's not allowed/not good software can you recommend me an option what I would do?


Thank you very much!


Have a nice day all!







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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I have used TeamViewer often and found it to be very helpful and very stable.


I use it when I want to work on something complicated that I don't know how to do, but which I would like to learn about.


I hire freelancers - from all over the world - with expertise, and ask them to do tasks on my computer while I watch. We can communicate back and forth using the chat feature.


Sometimes I only watch, sometimes I only ask them give me instructions while I work, and sometimes we do both.


I have not had it freeze or anything.


I have just used the free version.


But if you are going to be using it regularly, you will want to pay the small cost for a regular license. That way you won't have any usage limitations.


It's a great tool. Upwork does not have any rules against using TeamViewer.


I also use Jump Desktop in order to connect to and control various computers remotely. A great tool and well worth the price. I can use this to connect from Mac OS computers to Windows PCs and other Mac OS X computers.

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Adam K Member Since: Jan 17, 2018
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Thank you Preston!


Have a great day!