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Technical support

How do I access the section of Upwork to enter my language and that I only want to work with those in the US?

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Hi Susan,

If you are a native speaker, please go to Find Work > Profile and hover your mouse over the Languages on the right. You will see a pencil icon that will allow you to change your language setting.

When you do a search in the "Find jobs" search box, you can click the little On/Off toggle on the next page to make sure that the "U.S only" filter is on so that you are only shown results that are U.S only job postings.

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@Susan B wrote:

I only want to work with those in the US?

 Well Susan, you can follow Nina's suggestion.  IMO better alternative might be to add a footnote in your proposals that "You Only Work" with US based clients.


Advantage?: Bulk of the postings are from US, but not very many specify US Only freelancers.  If you clicked that box, you may miss out on US based clients who did not specify location preference.

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