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Telesales - problems getting freelancers

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Angelica D Member Since: Jan 20, 2014
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Has any other employer had so many issues with freelancers when it comes to telesales/telemarketing? I get replies, when they know I have expectation of sales results, they virtually hang up! They want hourly rates, but so many said, they don't want the "pressure" of performance expectations! Well.....? are you serious?
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I have worked in marketing in the brick and mortar world for many years. I was not a salesperson myself, but I worked with salespeople, including those who sold via phone, and calculated commissions and bonuses. They got very high salaries, compared to other workers, in addition to commission, and big bonuses. Performance pressure requires additional monetary compensation. It's also possible that they don't have confidence in the product or service you are selling.
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Reynaldo M Member Since: Aug 4, 2012
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In the Brick and Mortar BPO and Call Center Industry, Telesales/Telemarketing Agents are compensated with the standard Hourly/Daily pay Plus Incentive and Commission Schemes and Agents stay with the company are based on Performance Goals. Having said that, I do sympathize with your experience, but Online Contractors are generally wary and suspicious with contracts strictly performance base.(fees based on per success rate). Contractors will generally go hourly for work involving Data Entry, Appointment Setting or works you can call Office or Administrative nature. Though I have seen posting before for Telemarketing/Telesales offering Hourly Fee Plus Incentives per success calls. I saw that they have hired some contractors but as to the Project's Success I have no idea. It would be really difficult for you find a Contractor for your project but just keep on screening, there are a lot of newbie contractors you might still find one.
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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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This. [quote]It's also possible that they don't have confidence in the product or service you are selling[/quote] Before I started as a freelancer, I held several 100% commission jobs over the years. Many did not include a base salary or hourly wage. If I didn't sell, I didn't eat. The product/service, company image, and management style are very very important. If the whole package is not top-notch, I would not touch it with a ten foot pole. Now... I have no idea what you are selling, so that is not to speak to you specifically - but it could very well be the reason. Experienced sales people who know they can pull close to a 6 figure income or more, aren't going to touch anything less than perfection. These are the people selling for National Big Box Stores, Car Dealerships, or professional affiliate IM's who work solely online (many of the good ones earn closer to $1m/yr ++) This type of IM opportunity is currently available to absolutely anyone, so you are in competition with a lot of great products and services. Posting on oDesk to find affiliates for your business is the wrong place to look. Freelancers here (generally speaking) are looking for more security. If they were great at commission sales, they wouldn't need to go fishing for a 'job' here. It's the wrong market for you.