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Tell us your experience!

Hello Everyone!

I hope that all have a good day.

Now I'm remember in Upwork community from maybe 2018!

But my level is very weak!

So, Can talented freelancers (Graphic Designers especially, or others) tell us there experiences or suggestions to benifit from them?



Graphic Designer.

Community Member

Great Experience till Now.

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Im relatively new to the community, I dont remember what brought in to begin with but what i experienced is that there is alot that is said here that helps in one way or another - all we need to do is spend some time reading and sometimes interacting.

Also, everyone has something they are good at - it might not be easy to know what it is in the begining but as you keep trying, you will start to notice a trend in what works for you.

Moving completely off topic - cornflakes are better with cold milk , i just needed to get it out

Thank you Luqman.

Cornflakes are better with cold milk. Undisputed.

Apologies Fatima for hijacking your topic. On topic: Your profile is not public, maybe that's something you can work on?

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You'd want a nicely presented portfolio, confidence in yourself, and know how to approach clients. Also, you'd need to work a bit on your English.

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