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Temporary suspended my account

Hello , 

I am a new newcomers in outsourching.But upwork has temporary suspended my account for linking with another account i e **Edited for Community Guidelines**.But i have a single account which is Manju Alam.

I already sent message in upwork help center. They said the problem was solved. But still i can't send proposal in any job & My acount also block.


I am getting frustated i don't know what should i have to do to solve this problem.

Please help me if any one have sujection.





Hey Manju,

solution only available on support. So you should contact with support. They will give you the right solution. Hope you will understand.



~ Saiful, Upwork Freelancer
Be honest, works will looking for you.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Manju,


I'm sorry about your account suspension. I've checked your tickets and would advise to follow the instructions our agent provided and respond on the open ticket with requested information. Once you reply, our team will review the information you shared and update your ticket.


To avoid confusion and delays, please make sure you communicate with the team through one ticket and avoid creating new tickets.

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