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Terrible Issue submitting proposals

Hello, I hope everyone is doing good


I've been facing this issue for over a week now, when I try to submit a proposal I get an error message saying ''You don’t have enough Connects to submit this proposal.'' even thought I have over 300 connects, and I can't either buy new connects.. been in touch with the support almost every day or two, but nothing was solved yet.. I'm losing on many businesses here.. first time something like this happen with me and I've been on upwork/odesk for many years.. with a top ratted status.


If anyone of the support team is here and can help, or any ideas from the rest of the community here, is much appreciated.




Hi Ayoub,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear about the issue with submitting proposals. I see that you are already communicating with the support team for the same issue. They will reach you as soon as they have an update for you.


Thank you,


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Hi Pradeep,


Thanks for checking this out, I'm still waiting and hopping for this to be solved as soon as possible, its heading to 2 weeks now..




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This took like a month now and I'm still facing the same issue, no news from support, it's starting to get suspicious, how something like this not be fixed for all this time? I'm loosing a lot of money here, and upwork is not doing much for a top ratted freelancer and client profile who spent/earned $150k with a 10 years old account!

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