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Terrible usability bugs on profile page

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Fabio D Member Since: Feb 19, 2015
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So I was adding a very big project, including research, wireframes, prototypes and all kind of elements with very detailed explanations. At first, I was very shocked that I could upload only one image at a time. So I added a group of images using drag and drop. They uploaded... kind of. In fact, while it tried to upload all images at once, only one image uploaded. This is really annoying and very bad usability, but well.... I continued.


As we all know, the profile edition loads on a lightbox, which is extremely weird. And it's a HUGE issue, as we will see now.


After adding around 12 images with very detailed explanations on a very complex process, which took me around 30 minutes, I accidentally clicked OUTSIDE the lightbox.... and I lost everything. I mean... EVERYTHING. All that work went to trash bin automatically on an accidental click, no undo option whatsoever


This is a very worrysome issue. First of all, any UX apprentice knows that you should never, EVER  use a lightbox for this purpose. But if you decide to do so, you need to:


  1. close only on request
  2. keep content asynchronously updated using AJAX
  3. allow user to recover from system errors
  4. allow users to recover from their own errors


Please note the list above is just part of the basic 8 Rules of UX design (see how this system ignores all of them in what must be some kind of record), it's quite shocking to see even the basics are being ignored in favor of a "buggy, untested, 0 benefit" option.


Anyways, I lost everything, but hope UpWork does the right thing and fixes it. Last obvious request I did took you 4 years to fix  (and you still did it wrong) so I'm not holding my breath. But I really really hope one day things will change , so here's my headsup