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Ivelina Y Member Since: Aug 12, 2016
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Hi I am new to Upwork and I was doing some tests, but I had problems with the last 2 I did (C++ Programming and PHP). I was sure I had more time as it's measured per question (1 or 2 min per question ) but the test just stopped as if I was done adn I had about 10-15 more questions to go. It calculated the results though, as if the test was completed normally so I guess it is not some kind of a server or communication error, it's probably in the way time is measured? And also there are a lot of typos in those tests.

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Asaraf G Member Since: Jan 2, 2016
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That means your previous questions were not right in numbers to pass the test even if you give remaining answer right.


Let me explain mathematically. 




Total questions are 50 and you need to pass 35. You give 30 answers wrong and you are at 40th question

Here there is no use of completing exam.

Hope that is the answer of your question.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Ivelina,


Please note that the testing system is working as designed. The system uses adaptive testing to determined your score and, based on the questions you answered, notified you that additional questions weren't necessary.


Please take a look at the information Lena shared here and retake the tests once they become available.