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Test Score problem

Good Evening


I just want to know the Test Marking factors.

Reason i am doing seo from 8-10 yrs. I have given all correct answers. even I am 100% surity about the answers. but still i  found my score is 2.9 i have completed 30 min exam in 4 min only. 


is there any marking factor which cause this score. or any negtive marking or else 


Please help me out





seems like you are over confident, If you think your answer 100% then why your score 2.9 I can't believe that


If a freelancer has practical working experience around 10 years he or she can't be top scorer here for that case he or she has to study hard.


Maybe you should prepare yourself then try for test here, Hope you will do good score, I can wish you good luck


The test result is not your problem


Your entire profile is the problem, starting with the fake name, and the fake profile picture.


If it's meant to take 30 minutes and you're taking 4 minutes, then that could be the reason you're getting 2.9. I appreciate 30 minute tests don't always take 30 minutes... 20 minutes, maybe 10 minutes... but 4 minutes is a bit of a rush. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi RK webs,


The test results you received are correct and our team will follow up with you regarding the issues with your profile.

~ Vladimir