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Test jobs, free works and things like that. A new trend?

I've felt this myself, surely other freelancers in other categories felt the same, and i know this 'cause i've already seen it in conversations in this forum.

I'm talking about clients asking for "test renders/works".

Although it's only natural that a client would like to know if the freelancer as the abilities to preform the task, it seems to me that with the reviews of other clients and the portofolio, the client already  has the info to hire or not.

Nevertheless i opened this post just to keep in mind to other freelancers that there are out there people willing to take advantage of your work.

Attached is a sample of what i believe is a sample of it. I may be wrong (i hope i am). Notice that immediately after i posted my anwser he blocked me! Suspicious?

Please also notice that this is the client's first job posting and without payment verification.

Others (that i'm suspicious from previous job applications) have few job's posted (in different areas), also have low jobs adjudications and below average freelancers approval. Before you accept a job please check the clients JSS and history. Upwork as them for a reason, and that's why they're there! So make your quick research before accepting this kinds of proposals. It only feeds scammers.


Best of luck to all you great freelancers!




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You could have just answered "Yes, I'm happy to do a test as soon as you contract me to do it. Thank you!".

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for flagging this for us and for helping us keep Upwork a safe and trusted marketplace, Marco! 


Since it is against the ToS for clients to request freelancers to do any free work as per  Upwork Terms of Use we encourage you and all other users to use the Report Suspicious User Activity feature whenever you see a violation of the Upwork Terms of Service.

~ Bojan

Hi Bojan, and yeah i flaged this one.

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