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Test "CSS"

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Vahagn G Member Since: Dec 1, 2015
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Hello dear "Upwork" team. I'm happy that in the world there is a some of kind website, again thanks.

But the think is that... 01 Dec., 2015 I took "CSS" test and got 2.5 score, which is not fit for me. Why?

   In this "CSS" test there are a lots of questions that shouldn't be... but shouldn't, I would say must not be at all. For example, taking tast time, I came across these kind of questions(font-smooth, marquee... ) okay. Now let see what are their status in reality. Here the links that explain their meanings and statuses: "" and "".

The first one is a "The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international community where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards." and the other "The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an evolving learning platform for Web technologies and the software that powers the Web"

If you look carefully for "font-smooth" property, above mentioned link(first one), you will see left side or the title on the page "W3C Working Draft ".

You know what that means...

   By the way, who compose this "CSS" test??? I think, even if we ask him/her what is "CSS" means? You know what he/she will answer, I guess, he/she will answer the "CSS" is the "Comfortable Sitting System". It is better he/she must go to a kitchen to cook a something tasty.


Okay where we stop. Yes, you know what that means "W3C Working Draft ". At first there are five levels, in order the property becomes "Standard". There are:

  1. Working Draft (WD)
  2. Last Call Working Draft (LC or LCWD)
  3. Candidate Recommendation (CR)
  4. Proposed Recommendation (PR)
  5. Recommendation (REC)



Why I should learn the property in the stage "W3C Working Draft " and no one can know what will happen with this very property(it can be obsolete).

I would not say that I'm the best "CSS" specialist, but I'm not agree your score(2.5).

If I'm wrong, excuse me, I don't want to bother anyone at all, and please give me logical explanation, in order to orientate my actions in the future.


Best Regards