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Tests interrupted

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Elspeth M Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Hi guys,

anyone else have this problem? - I keep trying to complete my profile by taking some tests, but each time, the test crashes half way through.  I'm on a Mac, with Safari browser - do you think that has anything to do with it?

Any suggestions?


Community Guru
Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Hello Elspeth, 


Upwork is on the way to update the system. Soon, Elance will be joined Upwork. They are working on it. I have heard different issues like your one. Before head on to tests or anything else, check that upwork is working fine at that particular moment. You can go into messages and job postings to check that. 


Sometimes, It can be caused of internet or browser problem. 


Try to do that in your morning when most of the people will be sleeping. 


I hope that you will take your tests soon, 


Thank you, 



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Charles C Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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I had the same problem although using IE on a PC. I stepped away from the test as there was no way to save it and when I returned it had timed out and said the test was over and I had failed. Waiting for a reply from UPWORK.

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Johnathon C Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Yep. I'm in your shoes, as well. Took a test and got a 4.5 of 5. Passed with 2 points above the threshold. Went to submit, but it complained of a transaction error and that my scores were saved and they would be submitted at a later time. I was later directed to a Cloudflare page telling me upwork's host was down. Finally, when I looked for my scores after getting a live connection to the site, my scores were nowhere to be found. To add insult to injury, I went to the test page and was greeted with a message telling me I had to wait ONE MONTH to retake the test.


Hey, Upwork, if you are in the middle of a transistion and can't have your site completely working, BRING IT DOWN. It's only temporary, for Christ's sake.


Waiting on a response from support now.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


I am sorry you have experienced issues with taking tests. If your results weren't saved due to a technical issue, please contact Customer Support and they will assist you further. Note that a test can be timed and then you are expected to complete it in the time given and if failed to do so you will have to wait to re-take the test.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria