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Thank you Upwork (seriously)

There are two improvements I've noticed recently and wanted to say thank you.


1.  Upon receiving bogus project Invitations I've began to decline them and have noticed "the job is closed" is stated.  BRAVO!!!


2.  Wednesday my Profile was again made "Private."  Eventhough I received the standard notification that my request to have it returned to "Upwork Users Only" would be done within 72 hours it was completed in less than one hour.  Thank you, Marita!!!  Sometimes it's previously taken nearly the entire 72 hours for that to be accomplished which I complained about; I sincerely far prefer thanking than complaining.  Smiley Wink     

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Thanks for sharing this, Pat!


We do have a couple more improvements planned that will make the process of reporting and reviewing violations more efficient and straightforward. Stay tuned.



~ Valeria

Valeria, you're welcome; but I may have spoken too soon regarding my Profile.  Smiley Frustrated  I've since received another email that my Profile has now been set to Public.  Since I never want it Public, I've changed it back to Upwork Users Only.


Since communication regarding Profiles refers to Private or Public; not Upwork Users Only, I'd immediately followed up on my initial request specifically asking for my Profile to be set as Upwork Users Only and not Public to assure that's what would be accomplished.  Marita acted on that.  Yeah Marita! Smiley Very Happy  


I sincerely believe it'd be of great assistance and more time as well as cost effective if the Upwork Users Only designation be added to the Public choice within the pertinent communications.  Will that be able to be accomplished?  Thanks!

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