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The Definition of "Successful Contract Outcome"

The JSS information page tells that the JSS is calculated roughly as follows:


(successful contract outcomes - negative contract outcomes) / total outcomes  

 I know that there's so much more affecting the score and the exact method is not disclosed, but could you please at least clarify what is a "Successful Contract Outcome" ?


For example, is there a difference between a 4.5-star rating and 5-star rating? Or with more minimal differences, like 4.8-star and 5-star and so on? Or if there's a clear minimum rating for a "Successful Contract Outcome", say, if a 4-star and above ratings are counted for it, it would be great to know.

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When the client ends a contract, he/she would be asked a question about how likely he/she would recommend you.


I believe the client's answer to that question matters much more than the stars we can see.


Also, generally speaking, contracts that ended with no money paid would be considered as not successful.

Thanks for your input! :)) I know that the private feedback plays role in CSS, but my question was rather about the public feedback and its contribution to JSS.

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