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The Rules Set for Indian Verification needs to be revised

It seems that Upwork team is making things difficult for Freelancers.


I submitted "aadhaar Card" ( which is National ID card, having more importance than Passport), it was not accepted.


I resubmitted different document, PAN( permanent Account Number) issued by Income Tax Department, it was also rejected.


I got this message from Upwork team today,


"We need another document to complete your identity verification. Acceptable ID Types are: Passport, National ID Card, Driver’s License and NBI Clearance (Philippines only). Remember, we do not accept voter IDs, tax IDs, student IDs, employee IDs, or library cards."


Passport = India is a developing country having more middle class people, eveyone does not apply for a passport here, unleass they are planning to go out of country.


National ID= I submitted you "Aadhaar Card" + "PAN Card", both are national ID cards, given to each citizen of India. But, you people rejected it.


Driver's License = Although I am having Driving license, but Indian females seldom apply for it. What will be done in such a case?


This is not acceptable at all. Upwork team is insulting the authentication and legitimacy of the documents issued by our Government.


I need an answer to this before submitting any other document for verification.

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Hi Krishan,


I understand your frustration.  Aadhaar and PAN cards are acceptable forms of ID. I will look into this issue for you.




View solution in original post

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Krishan, I can't speak on behalf of Upwork, but don't be offended by this.


Let me give you an example of a similar practise:


I often fly with an airline called Ryanair. Most people in Europe will know who Ryanair is because of their ridiculously low fares.


I have a French ID card which is a valid form of identification to travel anywhere in Europe. Most airlines allow this documentation to board a flight, however; Ryanair don't accept this form of identification. They don't accept it because they only accept passports to speed up the process and keep it simple. Also, they express their staff are only trained in handling and identifying passports.


I know I haven't offered a solution, but I'm just trying to offer another scenario where these things happen.

Hello Lyam


I totally understand your viewpoint. Bit, in the example stated by you, the Airline clearly states that it will accept only passports as valid document.


But, at Upwork, they are asking for National ID cards. I submitted "Aadhar Card" and "Income Tax No. Card". Both are national ID's. In such a case, Upwork should clearly state that it will accept only driving licence or Passport as valid form of document.


And, what should be done in cases when people dont have both?

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Hi Krishan,


I understand your frustration.  Aadhaar and PAN cards are acceptable forms of ID. I will look into this issue for you.




LOL Lena 😄


Unknowingly, you too lampooned our Goverment's much hyped and advertised drive - The 'Aadhar' card / UID - Unique Identification Number (Technical name).


Aadhar means 'Support' in our language. This government initiative was planned to provide Indian citizens with a Unique number that will accomodate all their other meaningful/ important things. For instance, the Passport, PAN (for filing income tax), Bank account numbers and so on... But soon, it became apparent to the public that this drive was another sham for misusing tax payer's money and was widely corrupt. Since then, even the Supreme court of India has raised questions over the so called "Uniqueness" of this number.


Today, in your reply you mentioned 'Aandhar' instead of 'Aadhar' card.


'Aandhar' means darkness in our local language, which is also a euphemistic  term for corruption.


So you are bang on target with this one. Atta girl!



Oh my mistake lol, that was not intentional. I will edit my post, but thanks for the information!




No need to apologize, Lena....


It was all said in jest, just to lighten up the mood for Krishnan.



Hello Nikhil


Thanks for putting your views on this topic.


Upwork asks for two types of documents for verification.


1) A scanned image of your passport or government-issued ID card
2) A scanned image of a recent utility bill or bank statement


For the first one, I have submitted two documents, "aadhaar card" and "PAN card".


Aadhaar Card = Name + Image + Address + Year of Birth + Unique Identification Number

PAN Card = Name + Image + Full Date of Birth + Signature + Unique Identification Number


For the second one, I have submitted "recent telephone Bill" bearing my name and address.


So, logically, they have got everything for verification. But, the problem is that they are looking a single document bearing all the details at one place.


In such a case, we are left only with the option for Driving license and Passport because I have not applied for passport yet.


I request Upwork to please get it written clearly over verification page that "Upwork does not accept "Aadhar Card" and "PAN Card" as valid forms of documents.

Hello Lena


Thanks for understanding my viewpoint.


I got this message today:


"Upon checking your Aadhar card does not contain your date of birth, only the year. Also with the PAN card, does not contain your address.


According to Upwork policy Krishan, the documents that you need to submit for ID verification are a scanned image of your current-valid ID that includes your picture, signature, name, date of birth and address."


I submitted two different documents, both National IDs, one containing all the information except DOB and the other Containing all the information except address.


But, together both the IDs serve the required purpose. Also, for address verification, Upwork is asking to submit "recent utility bill". So, in short, I have submitted 3 documents but then also they are not considered valid.



I have submitted my passport. But still getting the same reply. I dont know what is the problem is. Raised a CS support ticket and yet to get the reply.

Hi KR,


I see that you just submitted your ID yesterday and received a reply on your ticket this morning. They will communicate the status of your verification with you via the ticket.


Thank you very much for your patience.




Hi Lena, 

Today, I suffered with same problem which Krishnan faced. I submitted Adhar Card which is issued by Goverment of India and its concidered as main ID and address proof, still your team rejected it. Krishan

Hi Sachin,


Please, refer to the message the team sent you earlier today where they explained why the documents you submitted couldn't be accepted and what needs to be submitted to complete ID verification.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

I request some clarity from upwork as to whether Aadhaar Card is an acceptable form for identity verification. This does not contain signature. Though Pan Card (Tax ID) does bear the signature; but it misses the address. -Karthik

Hi Karthikeyan,


An ID document you submit for ID verification must include your picture, name, signature and date of birth. The billing statement you submit has to be recent and to include your name and address as well as the name and address of the company that issued the billing statement. If for any reason the documents you submit can't be accepted, the team will let your know

~ Valeria

FYI everyone.

Aadhar number is the proof of Identity,










For identity verification, I submitted my Voter ID but it got rejected. 

Then, I submitted my Aadhar Card issued by the Govt. of India, but it also got rejected just for the reason that I look younger in the Aadhar photo. Now, what am I supposed to do? I had my Aadhar card made when I was in 6th grade, so obviously it's understandable that I will look younger. I don't know why Upwork is creating this problem for me. 

Besides, I don't even have my Passport. I have applied for PAN card but it will take about 1 month for me to get it. 

In such a case, what is to be done? Please help!!!!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Swarnima,


Please refer to this ticket for more information regarding the verification process, where our team already shared tips about acceptable IDs. 

Thank you.

~ Bojan

Hello everyone,


Even I am also facing the same problem here; submitted my passport as well and as said bank statement of 6 months (followed all the instructions mentioned there). Now they have accepted my Id proof (given as passport) but not my bank statement (updated within 6 months)with my same address, name and the last issued date. Don't understand why? 



Hi Gayatri,

The billing statement you submit has to be recent and to include your name and address as well as the name and address of the company that issued the billing statement. Our team has already sent a detail explanation about this, if you have further questions post them on your ticket and our team will assist you.

~ Goran

I uploaded my Adhaar card for verification but it was declined.

Could you please look into it?

Hi Biswaroop,


I just checked your account and I can see that our team has reached out to you with detailed instructions about your verification. Please follow the instructions listed on your ticket ending with numbers 317, if you have any additional questions feel free to post them on your ticket and our team will assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran

I have not ticket ending with 317. Even if I have, I can not access it. 

Please help.

I got it thanks. 


Upwork recently asked me to submit my verification again. I have submitted my Adhar card details. But selected passport.

Is it going to suspend my account.

Hi Nisha,


I followed up with the team handling your case and you can expect an update on your open ticket very soon. Please allow time for our team to carefully review your account and respond accordingly. You will be notified of their response.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hello Lena, 


Uploaded e-Pan Card thrice till now. Every single time. Is digital Pan not allowed? The Pan Card is authroized by the Income Tax Department. I do not have driving license— I also tried Aadhaar Card— but I could not submit it. 

Hi Adarsh,


I checked with our team and they have confirmed that E-PAN cards are not acceptable that is why it’s getting rejected. They requested that you please provide us the hardcopy of your PAN card issued by the government or you can submit a hardcopy of the Adhaar card, voters ID, driving license, or passport. 

~ Joanne
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