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The Worst Customer Support In the World!

Hello Upwork,


I run several agencies on upwork and make new hires almost on a daily basis for one project or another. I am trying to grow our company. Having spent thousands over the years, I have never thought I will make this post.


Recently, one of my managers who work under my agency had to change his name. He made a mistake while changing his name and did not realize it. Next day, his account was suspended and he got a notice in his upwork dashboard to check his email why his account was suspended. He found no emails.


Dear upwork, why do you make this so hard on purpose for people to reach your support?


Firstly, you redirect everyone asking for support through your articles to https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/requests


Secondly, why is there no "Submit a Ticket" option? I run Zendesk which you use for your support system on all my companies. Here is the link to submit a support ticket: https://support.upwork.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Can someone tell me... Why has upwork redirecting this to a DEAD page? You have hidden the whole support form and it is impossible to send a support ticket. Why?

Back to the original issue. My manager somehow managed to submit a ticket (kudos to him because you make it so hard to reach you). He submitted that ticket 23 days ago. 23 days!!! Are you guys kidding me?

Support Ticket #43011588 - Created 23 days ago - Status: Open - No Response Yet

Support Ticket #43389823 - Created 7 days ago - Status: Open - Got autoresponse with "File an Appeal" link. guess what? The File an Appeal link is not working. On purpose I guess. It says "Blocked". Already used multiple locations, multiple IPS. The link is DEAD!

Support Ticket #43481213 - Created 2 days ago - Status: Open - No Response Yet

Support Ticket #43268133 - Created 9 days ago - Status: Open - Got Appeal Link through autoresponse. The Appeal Link is DEAD!

Support Ticket #43206759 - Created 16 days ago - Status: Open - No Response Yet

Support Ticket #43012903 - Created 23 days ago - Status: Open - No Resolution



Please guys, get your act together. I have small companies and I spend tons of providing my customers support. They can reach out to me via Chat, Support Email, Whatsapp, Email and Phone. It is so said to see a company listed on Stock Market to have the worst customer service in the world.


Hoping for a resolution soon.



H. Khan






Hi Hamid,


We understand that one of your managers would like to contact support and resolve the issue with their Upwork account. We genuinely appreciate you contacting us here in the Community and providing feedback to our support team. However, due to privacy reasons, we cannot disclose information or actions being taken on another user's account publicly here in the Community. 


Since there's already an active support ticket for your colleague's concern, we highly suggest they continue coordinating with the team through the email link to their case, and the team will surely assist them accordingly.


A gentle reminder for all users who want to contact our support team: please avoid creating several tickets or posts for the same concern so that the team can assist you more efficiently. We seek your patience and utmost understanding while sorting this out for you. 


~ Arjay

Dear Arjay,


Thank you for your taking notice.


Can you tell me what is your average support ticket resolution time? Surely 23 days is not standard here.


The reason I created this post is because he could not even post in the community.


Can you please have someone look at the tickets I have mentioned above? It is creating issue as we cannot corporate on new projects.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


H. Khan



Thank you for your response, Hamid,


Our support team will provide an update on a support ticket within 24-48 hours. Please be aware that these tickets are being addressed in the order they were received. This is why we highly recommend that our valued members not raise several tickets with the same concern so they can be assisted accordingly.


That said, I've submitted a follow-up to the team. Please advise the account user to expect an update on an active ticket linked to their case. Thank you!


~ Arjay

Dear Ajay,


It is now another 5 days and the issue is still not resolved. He has already submitted his ID again and no success.


Please let me know what to do.



Dear Arjay,


We are "Still" waiting for a soluton to this.



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