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The beneficiary name is mismatched



I have used my company's credit card and that is what it sais: ''The beneficiary name is mismatched''

It is 100% corect, I have repeat it several times. I'm the owner of this company.


regards, Matic


Hi Matic,


If you are withdrawing directly to your bank account, the beneficiary name on your bank account must match the name on your Upwork profile.

~ Joanne

But It cannot match if it is company card which include comoany name on it and CEO’s name. For example if I create new company card with company name and my name that should fix the issue?

Hi Matic,


For withdrawing your funds, you cannot use a credit card for that. Please check out this help article for more information about the available withdrawal methods you can use. 

~ Joanne
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Where exactly is it you must change your beneficiery name to that of your bank account? Thanks

re: "Where exactly is it you must change your beneficiery name to that of your bank account?"


You can do this at your bank.

Yes but which name has to match your bank account holder name? The one attached?

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Hi Benjamin,


Your Upwork name needs to be your full legal name and match your bank account/beneficiary name so that our team can verify your payment method. Thank you.

~ Goran

I have got the same Problem, like Name was different and at the same time when i need to add my bank account details then it comes up into my knowledge profile name and bank account benificiary name must be same, then i changed my name as per bank account details , see the message it will update in 48 hours...Luckily it was changed with in 2 hour .

In my opinion, What i have experienced sharing here...


1: Please verify your Identity through Video Call by upwork team, It will support you, because upwork team had your Natioonal ID Card etc.

2: Your legal Name must be same in your profiles    For example   abc

3: Profile Name must be Same                                  For example  abc

4: Bank Account benificiary name must be same.     For example  abc




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