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The client avoids paying the agreed amount


The third time I'm asking for advice on this problem.The client does not want to approve milestones and compels me to send him a complete job. Allegedly, the rest of the money will pay me off when its manufacturer approves the work. I already explained to him that he should approve this milestone for my work so far and to create a new mileastone fund so that I can send him the originals. It is completely clear that there will not be a third milestone payment if I send it to the originals now.

How can I prove to him that this is in accordance with the rules, Terms and Conditions, of the Upwork?Can the support contact him? We obviously have reasons for a dispute, but I do not want to run it until he upload the rest of the money to the fund. Please find a way to get rid of this.


Because of similar problems this is the third job in a row that resolves disputes and losing confidence in your support.If you, personally, can not solve specifically, please get in touch someone from a higher level.


Thank you,Ivana

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Hi Ivana,

I'm sorry about what is happening to you.
Maybe it's better that you post this in
Some moderator can enter and take action on the matter.
Have you sent a ticket to support about this?

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your answer.

I wanted to send a ticket, but this one opened to me. I'm also looking forward to other opinions.


As I said, this is my third job in a row where I have a dispute, because in some ways clients avoid paying me for my work or otherwise violating the agreement. That's why I had 2 official disputes, reduced JSS and bad gradeswhich greatly influences me to get another job. Otherwise, I'm working on the platform for 5 years and I rated not less than 4.50, was Top Rated.


This time, I try to point out the Support and others on the behavior of clients and try to prevent this, to have the protection of the Support. They could contact the client and ask what the problem is, for example, and try to solve it, and help me get paid money. Why should I always be broken?

Still, I sent in response to the previous ticket.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Ivana,

I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you have with this client. I can see that our agent has already advised you about what steps to take and how to protect yourself. 

I would also strongly advice you not to send your complete work on one milestone since the project was divided in multiple milestones. Keep in mind that unfunded milestones and promised funds are not protected under our Fixed-Price Protection for Freelancers
If you have any additional questions feel free to post them here, thank you!

~ Goran

Hi Goran,


Thank you for your advice. I know that. I am working on the Upwork for 5 years.

Why is Support constantly appealing to me? Why something is not specifically done before the official dispute. Why does the support does not contact the client at my request and asks what is wrong and also advises him to respect the rules and that I only protect myself in those frameworks. If I did the job and I deserved to be paid.

Please note:
I gave the customer the price for what he asked for.
As the first milestone, I did the sketches. The client did not immediately approve, the payment was realized when Upwork realized it in 14 days.
After a month and a half, the client asks me if I want to continue the project. He offered 50% less. I said to send me sketches so that I can see what needs and tell what could be done before the final decision. He did not do it, but immediately activated the milestones. It made me "forced" to accept the job. As he said, and I realized that I would first draw the actual look of the object, and that the next milestones would be the technical drawings of the items. In time, he asked for a lot of changes, and to finish his technical drawings. Because of the advice that I have to deliver to him by the Support , in short, I did my expanded job, but I will not send him the originals, and he will not approve the milestones ... and else I already wrote it.


Please also look at my answer to Maria.


Thank you.

Hi Ivana,

I understand your frustration and your concern, I have escalated this to the appropriate team and they will investigate the client further. Once the investigation is finished they will update your open ticket, thank you.

~ Goran
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