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Re: The client is harassing and bullying me online

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Jennifer R Member Since: Sep 15, 2017
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Steven S wrote:

Jeniffer, I am going to address your remarks in a general way and I am hoping that if you haven't "got it" yet, perhaps you will understand a little bit more.


In some countries, $100 represents an standard income of a month or two.  Paying for arbitration at $291 with no guarantee of getting it back, is seriously endangering the welfare of a freelancer and his family.  This is no joke and I don't think you have taken it at all seriously.


Assuming standard income reflects the standard living costs. Everybody on Upwork has the same chances no matter where they are. If one freelancer needs $200 per months to pay all the bills while another freelancer needs $3500, which one is more likely to have the extra $291 for arbitration?