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The client is late to answer

I have really a problem and I can't find the solution for it, I have client is late to answer after 13 days he is told me I send to you the feedback and he not come back and after 5 days told me little note and he's goooo again, how can I find the solution to end this with while retaining my financial right.

Thank you.

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Is this a fixed price contract?  Did the client use the "revision request" button to stop the clock when he sent you the brief note? Does the brief note provide you with a specific change to make?

Yes fixed price contract
No just ( I send to you our feedback after some hours )
There is no else

Abdallah A wrote:
Yes fixed price contract
No just ( I send to you our feedback after some hours )
There is no else

Did you properly submit the work through the contract using the "submit work for payment" function? In that case, the funds in Escrow for that milestone are released to you automatically after 14 days unless the client uses the "request changes" function or you click on "resubmit"

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdallah, 

I checked the contract you are referring to and can see that the client has requested changes to the contract 1-day ago. May I recommend that you communicate further with the client regarding the changes that they have requested so that you can adjust the project output according to what you and the client have agreed on. Once you have adjusted it, you can resubmit the work through the contract page, and the client will have 14-days to review the work submitted.

~ Avery

Hi Avery
Yes that’s right but please check how many time I send the job before he send the feedback.
And after that I still waiting again 14 days or his give me again before this time end any and I’m waiting again ??!!
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