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The client is literally making my life a nightmare because of feedback

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Wondering why you let this client take control of you and your business. If everything was agreed on and stipulated in the contract you should have called a halt to the first time of doubling the work and reducing the deadline, never mind letting it go on so long. And there is no reason why you have to answer any pings from your phone or elsewhere. Put your phone someplace else during the night where you won't hear it and let this client ping you all night long. 


I repost this reply with permission

Janean L wrote:

Here is a tough-truth reality:

You ask: "Should i really work for him for free to avoid a bad review if I ended the job?"

The answer is : YES. "Yes... if..."


That is, If you are prepared to allow your freelancing endeavors to be controlled by a perpetual fear of an unpredictable and often dyspeptic client leaving you a bad review, then, by all means, YES, do allow such a client (and the many like-minded clients who will follow) to tyrannize your life. Give in to their unreasonable demands.


You will be miserable. You will be a worm-like supplicant. You will live in constant fear and uncertainty. Your talents will be at the mercy of those who neither appreciate them nor remunerate you properly for their application.


You won't make as much money as you could do if you worked with a better class of clients and if you valued your skills appropriately.


However, if you are ruled by your fear of the possibility -- even of the near-certainty -- of a bad review from a bilious and perhaps vindictive client... Well, then, by all means do the work for free.


ETA:  This is not meant to be a slam to you. It is truly meant as helpful advice -- as a way of looking at this situation that will make you re-think this client and your freelancer/client relationship. Give yourself some power and control!


Don’t let your JSS dictate what you do. nor let your JSS be used as a hostage or bargaining piece.


Besides,you have a top rated perk that you can use to delete any public AND private feedback (if you get one.). End this nightmare - wake up and close this contract and use that perk if you have to. There is NO reason you need to be bullied, controlled and walked all over by this client. 

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