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The feedback/rating system

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I would like to share my concerns about the feedback system after working in Upwork since its establishment date.


I always try to provide the best customer experience, always deliver my projects timely and always offer myself for any changes, testing, etc. the customer may require, with a friendly yet professional attitude always.


So, in 99% of cases, when nothing wrong happens between the customer and me and everything is delivered with no problems, my feedback to customers has been 5/5 and their feedback to me has also been 5/5.


There have been, however, some unpleasant surprises with some customers, all of the same nationality, by the way. I did my best, working with a friendly and respectful attitude, and there were no problems with the translations. So, as always, I rated my experience 5/5. To my surprise, after giving the 5/5, one customer did not recommend me (private feedback) and the other one gave me a 4/5 rating. We all know the impact this has on our job success score.


These are the points I would like to discuss about Upwork's system, which in my opinion is not very fair with freelancers:


1. The fact we can't see our feedback until we rate them is biased and unfair, as you can't foresee customers like the ones of my example whom I have treated professionally, delivering my work timely and with no mistakes, yet rate me with an undeserved score. We should be allowed to change our feedback accordingly, as the 5/5 that now appears in their profile is a biased score.


2. The fact there is a private feedback is also unfair, as customers like these ones can, for no reason, create a big negative impact on our hard-earned Job Success Score, yet you don't know about it and can't do anything to fix it.


3. The way the Job Success Score and Top Rated Status are calculated is wrong, in my opinion. Until I worked with the customer who did not recommend me, I had a perfect 5/5 average score (out of like 20 jobs), all customers had recommended me and my Job Success Score was 100%, having Top Rated Status. This negative feedback made my JSS drop to 77% and made me lose my TR status. Of course, I wrote to Upwork and, to my surprise, the reply was "unfortunately we can do nothing about it. Please do more jobs so your JSS rises again". Ok, so how can I do more jobs if now my internal rating has been destroyed for ONE negative and unjustified score?


It would be great if this could be taken into consideration.


Thank you very much for your attention in advance.


Kind regards,