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The job description changed

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Alexis C Member Since: Sep 19, 2013
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I'm new in odesk, actually my current job here in odesk is my first one. When I applied on the job what only written in job description is to create a software that can generate a template for visitor badge that have barcode or QR code on it. It's an easy task and I've done it before so I applied there and bid low with only guarantee of week. The client interview me on the skype and ask me everything about the similar software that I've done before. I told him about the Visitor management system that I developed before, I told him everything including the devices that the software can used. He hired me after that. Now I'm done with the software that written on the job description actually not only done I added extra features that I know he would want to have. But in my surprise what written on the job description has changed. Everything that I told him about my visitor management system is written on the job description. The original job description only require me to write a barcode or QR. Now it's a whole visitor management system that include admin can change the devices from rfid to barcode for log-in and log-out of visitor. SMS notification to notify the host for their visitor arrival and departure. Different types of reports and Visitor badge that can be redesign by the admin.I can finish the software actually I'm almost done. The only problem is the rfid reader and barcode reader since every device have their own sdk and besides I dont have any of the reader. And I feel like I'm being cheated to finish the whole software for a very low price and small period of time. Is there anything I can do here? How come the job description change? I thought it should be fixed.
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Robert S Member Since: Aug 5, 2011
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Bottom-line: Speak to your client. There could have easily been a misunderstanding during the interview with him/her misinterpreting your explanation of a past project as the details or goals of this one. Of course, it could just was easily be them trying to take advantage of you. You will never know until you speak to them and explain that while you can certainly add the features that were discussed in your interview, it was not in the original project description that your price was based on. Explain the additional cost necessary to include the extra features, the new time-line and any limitations or 3rd party requirements now made necessary by these changes. Communication!
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Julie T Member Since: Sep 29, 2011
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Often clients don't understand that what they consider to be minor "tweaks" are actually major changes to a project. While some clients use scope creep as a deliberate way to get a job done for little to no money, others don't have the expertise to know they are expanding the job. That is why they hire you as an expert. Just explain what the extra work entails, how much extra time is involved, and inform the client of the additional cost. If the client is ethical, they will appreciate the information and usually agree to pay for the add-on service or decline to stay within their budget. While it is good to be cautious with clients, if you expect the worst from them, the worst is what you will get.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I don't work in your field. However, if in an interview, I said "In addition to what's on the description, I have also done, X, Y and Z" that would be my way of saying "Hire me and I will also do X,Y and Z for you", giving me an edge over my competitors by showing that I can provide more value than they do. I would account for this in my bid; however, as was stated, the client might not be aware of how much all the parts of the job are worth. It does seem to me that when the client was asking what you had already done, he wanted to know what you could do for him. Why else would he ask it?