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The negative button and the heart button and reason for them

I am fairly new to Upwork but have had some success. I am still learning how the system works. I had a question and maybe a recommendation. The thumbs down and the heart buttons on each entry are something I just learned about but I wondered why there is not an option to say, "this job is asking for someone in THEIR time zone" instead of me saying, "it is not in my preferred time zone". It makes it seem as if I do not want to work with anyone on the east coast for example but they post they want someone on the east coast as a prerequisite. I do not know how your algorithms work and wonder if I say they are not in my preferred area, you will not send me clients that want to work with west coast people...assuming I do not want to work with them. You should have the option for us to select, "the client wants someone in their time zone" is why we reject the job. Or do you expect us, freelancers, to just not select anything in this case and keep seeing jobs pop up that we already know we can't get? I don't even know if this email is going to the right people to answer this issue!


Tom Cain

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tom,


Welcome to Upwork! While the information we receive from the thumbs down feature is used to improve Job Search and Feed in general, the way you use the button doesn't currently influence ranking of jobs for your individual freelancer account. Feel free to continue using the thumbs-down feature as you have so far.


Seeing how you're a new freelancer, please check this blog article about setting up your job feed and using search filters.

~ Vladimir
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