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The point of being a freelancer is to be free

What is the point of being a free lancer if we are not free. Now it seams that we are oDesk employees. We are asked to produce more than $1,000.00 per month in order to have the right to ask for a decent account support. We are constantly evaluated by oDesk instead of bing evaluated by our clients. Now oDesk can fired us (close your account) without a real explanation.

Every day that pases we seams to be more like odesk employees than freelancer. I hope they will give us heath insurance and a retirement pension.


oDesk is like any other tool you use for your work. If you abused Google adwords the close your account, if you break the terms of any of the sites you use they would close your account. 


We are not employees, but you as a freelancer choose to use oDesk to find clients, which they are providing a service. When you choose to use any service online or in the brick and mortar world you have to follow their rules and policies.


If you went into a temp agency to find work you must follow their rules and policies, as well as the employer who hired you.


As a freelancer you can choose to follow the rules and policies or choose another tool to use to find your clients.


Without oDesk many people would be struggling to set up their own business and find the clients the hard way. oDesk has provided a medium in which freelancers and clients can find each other. It is a valuable tool, but because it is their business they have the right to make their own rules and policies which if we are going to use thier service (even if we pay for it) we still need to abide by.


I don't like all the changes, but I also realize that oDesk is a tool I use and have to follow their rules or move on. If a tool is no longer working for you or me then we need to decide if we need to find a tool more suitable to our situation.





@Mario C wrote:

We are asked to produce more than $1,000.00 per month in order to have the right to ask for a decent account support. 



Have I missed some updates?! The last I checked, to be top rated you need to have $1000 in earnings over the past twelve months, which according to me, is an extremely low benchmark to set.. but thats another topic altogether! 


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