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The same first screenshot during the tracking time

Dear Upwork Team,


When I start time tracking, the Upwork Linux App makes first screenshot corectly but any next one - is this first one, only current window title is logged properly.

It is happening since yesterday after I updated my system.

And I'm on Arch Linux (KDE plasma desktop, Xorg), Upwork App is Version (FE2244).

But I'm using the app in above circumstances since March 2022 - and so far I had no any issues.


What can I do?


Hi Tomasz,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.

~ Luiggi

Hi Luiggi,


After sending additional informations through this support ticket I've got the answer with the solution

- to remove Upwork files and reinstall the app - but it didn't work.


And I cannot access this ticket anymore - upwork.zendesk.com want user and password from me but I don't have any.

So I cannot tell them that.

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