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The usual Recently i can't get new contracts

Hello freelancer family, I know is an hard period for everyone but I wanted to see if someone esle has the same issue I am having


Recently I can't seens to land any new contracts, the only jobs I manage to get are from one repeat client that work with me direclty, but i have been applying for maybe 3/4 month by now and nothing at all


I am not asking for a profile review, I think I have been here long enough to know how it works, my score is good, I got skills, examples of my work, and 5 start in all my jobs, I apply regulary maybe 2 to 3 jobs a week, i probably spent something like 1000 connect in the past 3 months applying for jobs, but it seems like i just can't catch the eyes if anyone recently, I even betted 50+ proposals on some jobs where I had the exact skillset and work example to show, but still not my proposal was never viewd,


well that's it is anyone else having the similar issues?

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