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The way oDesk filters Fixed price freelancers and promotes Hourly Freelancers

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Robert K Member Since: Dec 22, 2013
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ODesk kinda trust freelancers with more hours than freelancers with more jobs done (Fixed price). This's totally not fair, I tell you why.. Consider a Situation, Very New freelancers with same skills A & B both applies for 1 hourly job and 1 fixed price job. A gets hourly and B gets fixed. When they apply for next job, B is promoted by putting him in the top of the applicant's list and A is put atlast or listed in "Very Innovative!" HIDDEN column. Isn't it totally "Wealthier becomes more wealthier and poorer becomes more poorer?". Is it B's mistake for not getting next job and future jobs? no! its oDesk.. I have a solution for this.. Try to make us(Clients) see Both Hourly good Freelancers as well as Fixed price good Freelancers by listing them in different columns may be and make us select the column before showing anything, so that everyone gets his chance to win the job, otherwise it really looks partial. Guys What Say??