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The whole thing is out there

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Could someone please tell me why so many clients include the entire text of their book, dissertation, etc. with their posts? I thought it was common knowlege that ANYONE coming across it can take that material and claim it for their own. How can people still be so naive, after all that has happened in the past years? 


It is a problem that is akin to the ones regarding plagiarism and getting school work done by someone else. But this time, it is the clients who are at risk of having their work appropriated.


This is something the developers of this site need to address.

Community Guru
If a client wants to include the whole text in a job post, that is their choice. It is fine. One of the best ways to protect against other people stealing your work is to make sure your work is distributed as widely as possible, making is impossible to dispute your authorship.

I'm with Preston on this one.


If someone did decide to steal another writer's material/text, it's very easy to prove it belongs to you, given you can provide file creation dates, history, etc. as proof you're the original creator.


Many young or inexperied writers are incredibly paranoid about people stealing their stuff off the Internet, so I don't think the clients choosing to do this are naive or that they don't know what they're doing.

One of the funny things about working as a translator is coming across translations of publications (or excerpts thereof) originally written in your own language (and still available), and being asked to translate them into this language and then...having to watch out that you don't translate them back into the original wording! (Plagiarism obfuscation?)

Haha, Alexandra, I KNOW!!


I once looked up a weird phrase on linguee, and it led me straight to the complete (German) original of the text I had been asked to translate from (fairly broken) English.


I had to go and play with the kitties to get over the shock.


And Christine: -the copyright is always with the original creator of any given creative work, regardless of it being included in a job posting.....

I go to the horses. Nothing better to bring you back down to earth, is there? (Pure honesty. Or **bleep** for tat. Depends on whether I'm having a good day or a bad one.)





I didn't know you Yankees are so scared of that three letter word! And it goes to show that computers can't read!!!

@Alexandra H wrote:

I go to the horses.


 Quite right. I so miss having horses 😞  Nothing is so bad that it won't feel better after a nice long hack or finally getting a straight line of 2 time changes across the diagonal......


When I was a teenager and had a moment of teenage-fury I would ride my stepfather's horse, which was an absolute monster and just getting back to the stables in one piece and with no broken bones meant I was nice and happy and calm for about a week....

As others have already said, the clients choose whether to showcase their publications.  They already know the risks involved and how to solve those issues, or at least I'd hope they do.  I do agree, though, that it's not exactly the wisest of decisions on a platform that has had plenty of fake profiles and portfolios outed in the past.


As for the horses, there is nothing more humbling than connecting with a creature that holds so much power, yet chooses to be so gentle.  People can learn volumes from them.  While others go inside a building every Sunday, my "church" is located on the back of a horse, out in the middle of nowhere.  It is peace incarnate.

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