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The wrong job category effects my top rated plus situation. Any recommendations?

Hey there, with one of my client we do UX Design work since that is my profession.
But when my client opened the job publicly, even before we met, he picked web development instead of web interface/experience design.
The problem is, for developers the "large contract" limit is 15K $, for designers, it's 5K $. And we did only design works which I can prove. I don't even know how to develop a website.

Is there a way to change that category and fix it with the correct one? Since with only one missclick, I can't get top-rated plus badge. 

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Hi Kutay,


This is something our customer support can assist your client with. If the client confirms that they selected the current category by mistake and would like to update it to a more appropriate one for the job, one of our support agents can help them with it. I see you've been chatting with our support team and they've asked for some additional details they need. Feel free to follow up with them directly via your open support ticket. 

~ Valeria
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