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These days it got very hard to get the job. Is this happening to you too?

Though, I haven't chaged my way of proposals, simply it got very hard to get the new job this year.
Is it the same for you too?
I've had the Top Rated Plus badge and long time working records, Job succssful rate is 100% as well.
So I think my Upwork career wouldn't be the reason.
I don't know why.
Prevalance of AI can be one of the reason?

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I believe your observation are correct. The AI is bound to significantly change the role played by various skillset. I think most of the industries are looking the change of role from pure creation to curation of the  result. And this is going to increase as industry matures in AI and regulation are put in place.

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Thanks for the answer.
Yes, it seems true. We need to grow more to survive.

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