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This is alarming. Has it happened to you?

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Here's an update.


Lena did respond on 2/22, and we've communicated since.  It appears that the kudo situation is resolved, and I'm going to begin kudoing again.  Smiley Very Happy 


We'll continue to monitor the situation before confirming it's resolved.  If anyone who's familiar with me notices a questionable kudo I've given, please share with me. 


Following is information Lena shared with me beginning 2/7:


1.  Their vendor's IT initially gave them the runaround as to what the root cause was.

2.  She disabled the kudos function on my account to help them troubleshoot and to show that I wasn't accidentally kudoing posts on my own.  She stated she'd re-enable anytime if I'd prefer.

3.  A fix was pushed by Lithium; she re-enabled my kudo function.

4.  The best she was able to determine is that there were 89 kudos supposedly given by me that I did not give since I noticed this issue.

5.  She's going to contact Lithium to get the list of posts they were attributed to and remove the incorrect kudos and is hoping that will catch at least the majority of them. 


Kudos to both Lena and Vlad!