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This job has been removed from Upwork, so we are no longer able to retrieve your proposal

Hello! I sent a proposal for a job post here on Upwork and received a reply from a client with a 5-star profile and good reviews. The client gave me instructions for a test task and added another person to our message box, stating that the other person would be the one to check my test task. I already sent my test task, but when I clicked 'view proposal' after a day, it said that 'this job has been removed from Upwork, so we are no longer able to retrieve your proposal.' However, the other person that the client added to our message box messaged me about my test task, and I asked why the job post had been removed. She said that it was okay and that they would send me the contract. My question is, should I still go with this job or not? Please enlighten me. I don't know if I violated any rules or not. This is my first time encountering this.

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You must accept proposal first. Then, after contract started, proceed works. As i understand you have no contract a while.

Yes, I have not received a contract yet. I am concerned if it is okay to communicate with the person added to our message box by the client, given that the job post has been removed. Additionally, after our discussions, Upwork emailed me, saying that the job post was removed because it violated some Upwork rules

You can continue to chat via UW messages (not via eml or other outside). Client able to hire you via profile, without job post. In any way contract must be started. Never do any works without contract. Promice "i will hire you", "you hired", etc, is not a contract.

Yes, we're just talking using Upwork messages. Thank you for answering Mykola, stay safe!

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Make sure, You got hired.

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hello, i was contacted through upwork messages saying to contact them through telegram, i did contact them and after a while the job post was removed by upwork. but they are still offering a job and also asking me to sign a contract that consists of my personal data. they are also not asking me of any deposits. will it be safe to still proceed and sign the contract? please i am very confused and also scared of being scammed. thank you for answering.

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No, it will not be safe. This is a scam. Stop communicating with them immediately.

No you can be banned for speaking with this scammer.

i ask them why they had removed the message and job post, and they responded because they've gotten the number of freelances required for the job? what do think about this?

You cannot asking anything via telegramm without contract.

I think you need to read forum and rules first. Only after that apply to works.

okay, thank you so much for your response! i will stop conversation with the client on telegram.

If you are younger than 18 years old, you cannot use Upwork at all.

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