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This may affect my Job Success Score?

Today, I get received as following message from upwork.

"Hi Ilja,
We received feedback from one of your clients that a recent project may not have gone as expected. While we understand that not every project will meet clients' expectations, it's crucial to learn and adapt from these experiences.
To prevent similar outcomes, take a moment to review your profile and proposals to make sure you're accurately representing yourself and your skills, setting clear expectations, and maintaining open communication with clients. You can also explore our Academy and Community pages for resources and support to enhance your skills and approach to freelancing on Upwork.
What's next?
We understand that not every client match will be perfect. However, we also want to ensure a quality platform for all users. If we start to see a trend of negative feedback, we may temporarily pause your ability to take on new projects. Rest assured, this outcome is rare and impacts less than 1% of freelancers working on Upwork.
We're committed to helping you thrive on our platform. We're here to support your journey to success and believe in your capability to overcome this hurdle."

At the time, he said he was satisfied with the work I had done on the project. He asked me updated status frequently and wanted to complete milestones 2 and 3 at the same time. I had to agree to his suggestion.
He then asked me to share the entire code on his private github repository, so I did.
But the next day, he suddenly terminated the contract without consulting me. So I asked why, and he said the progress wasn't fast enough.
We had four milestones and each milestone took a week.
The first milestone was completed successfully, and we started second milestone.
But my client terminated the contract on the second day of milestone 2.
Actually, I am really not sure why he did so.
He gave me a bad feedback with 3.3 ratings
I asked me to update his feedback, so he changed his feedback with 5.0 ratings.
But today, I got received a message from upwork and my feeling is not good.

I do not have rich experience on upwork.
So, I am not sure what will happen from this.
Maybe, this will affect my job success score?

Best Regards,

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Only submit more work when the previous Milestone has been approved.


It's submit work, client approve, and then go to the next Milestone.

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